Monday, February 6, 2012

Slow down!

Holy cow, it's already a week into February which means that in a few short days...I'll be a mom to a 4 yr old! Where has the time gone?

We had a good weekend. Friday night was Kids Night Out at church so we dropped the boys off and headed to dinner with some good friends. Was so nice to see my girlfriend and actually be able to visit! And i think the hubbies had fun too!

Saturday was a rainy day so we attempted to take the boys to the movies to see Chipwrecked...Zachary did fine but mark is just not ready. Thankfully kids were free to get in because mark and I spent an hour in the lobby playing around :)

And Superbowl Sunday, great morning in worship, afternoon of lunch and family time and ended up the evening at home. Probably the first time in years we haven't gone to some kind of party, but mark was not feeling well and was asleep before 6:30! I think Zachary enjoyed the alone time with mom and dad and learning football plays from daddy!

All in all, a good weekend! Oh, and my planner arrived! I spent the weekend starting to fill it out and am vowing to be more organized! Mission #1...remember to send Zachary to school in PJs on Thursday! And I have a whole list of things to bring to church on Sunday too...I can do it!

Hope you had a good weekend too and happy Monday to all!

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