Monday, February 13, 2012

Birthday Recap

We got to celebrate Zach's birthday on his actual birthday, which was fun!  We opted to outsource this year and had his party at a little gymnastics place right by our house.  It.Was.AWESOME!  Not just the party itself but the fact that we didn't have to do anything to prepare!  The party covered the invites, paper goods, snacks, juice box, cake, party favors...and of course the party!  :)  We had a wide range in ages but the instructors did a good job dealing with that.  She led the big kids and let the little kids do their own thing with the help of their parents.  Oh yeah, and no set up or clean up either!  Zach had a blast and  enjoyed the trampoline and zip line the best.  

Zach enjoyed all his new toys from his friends as well.  One of his favs was something I picked up at TRU or $9.99....a little mini fooze ball table! Its cheaply made but its already given hours of entertainment! :)

We enjoyed the birthday fun today with a 4 year well check at the doctor.  I was warned it was a bad one...thankfully my dad was able to come watch Mark so Z and I went alone.  He gets SO shy around strangers in these type of situations which can be a little the hearing and vision testing was a bust.  He was good with the doc for the most part.  He is now 3'7" tall (91%) and 37lbs (61%).  Growing boy!!  And then the shots.  Poor kids.  5 shots!  YIKES!  We survived though and a little trip to the Golden Arches helped soothe the pain.

Can't believe we are on the way to 5 now!

Oh, and just one last cute set of pics from Super Bowl these boys!

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  1. I will absolutely never ever have a kid's birthday party at my house again. Never ever.


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