Thursday, January 26, 2012

disgrace and grace....

Okay, so it wasn't SO bad that I felt "disgraced" (just made a good blog title, lol), but bad enough where I sure felt crummy.  Lately, I cannot seem to stay organized.  We have more and more going on these days which leaves more opportunities for forgetfulness!  I don't even consider myself a super busy person, but I guess when you add in 2 full time working parents, the occasional social event, and full time family...the calendar fills up!

In the last 4 days I have forgotten two big things.  Although neither was life altering, it was definitely a "bad mommy/person" moment.  The first one was on Sunday. I was due to bring a meal to a friend at church who's daughter recently had to have surgery.  I had seen the email reminders sent to me, talked about it on Saturday...and then partially I think due to a rough morning Sunday, I just completely and TOTALLY forgot.  Until about 5:45 when I started cooking my OWN children's meals and realized I was supposed to be supplying someone else's too.....  I.FELT.AWFUL.  I called her immediately and apologized profusely but I was still mortified.  We are new to our little church circle still and I feel like I am still getting into the group and this was definitely not a great way to make a good impression.  And to top it off, about an hour later, I checked my cell phone and noticed she had called me around 4 to see what time I was coming and give me directions.  UGH.  Thankfully, she is a very kind woman and mom and understands that these things happen but that surely did not lessen my embarrassment.  I am making it up today by bringing TWO meals tonight.  That helps, right?? :)

The second kicker was today when our nanny called to inform me that I had forgotten to send Zachary to school today with his favorite stuffed animal...and that he was the only one without one.  Thankfully again, Maria is great and we don't live that far away, so she was able to go home and get Nemo...but man, in my mind I think, "of course the working mom forgets the stuffed animal.".  Double Ugh. 

And that's where Grace comes in....mercy, forgiveness, kindness, love.  What in the world would we do without GRACE??  Thankful for friends who show grace when we goof up.  Thankful for children who show grace by not remembering all the times Mommy has forgotten something or messed who knows what up.  Thankful for husbands who hug us when we cry over said mess ups.  Thankful for family who shows grace when they just sit and listen.  And thankful for Jesus who gives me grace every single day, hour, and minute for all the times I do not do as I should. 

One of our goals week from our church sermon was to slow down and be quiet.  I must admit, I have not yet.  A mini goal was for 5 minutes before getting out of bed and 5 minutes before going to bed, take some time to pray and write down things you are thankful for.  I have overslept in the morning and fallen asleep on the couch before bed and it has not happened.  But I am committing to do it tonight and for the rest of the week. 

I also order a day planner today.  You know, a real old fashioned paper one.  That I can open any time and see things written down and carry with me at all times.  Because clearly the fridge one and work computer calendar are not cutting it.  Let's hope I survive the next 2 weeks before it arrives.

I am also going to more prayerful consider each obligation and event I take on.  I don't enjoy the feeling of always being two steps behind.  And maybe I am overbooking myself and/or my family?  Definitely something to think about.

What do you to help stay organized and focused?  Will the day planner and quiet time fix me up? :)

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  1. Our lives are absolutely crazy and I have a paper calendar that I use to keep ALL of our appointments, sports games, social commitments, birthday parties, school events, and holidays on. ALL of them. I also send Chuck invitations to all these events so that they are on his calendar too. I just sent him 30 invitations yesterday with all the events I have on my calendar for the year, including TAMU football games, WTBB, dr. appts, cub scout meetings, my trial in July, all the kids' school holidays, and our Valentine's Dinner, among other things. I also have most of these events on my computer at work. I live and die by my paper calendar and find that it is so much more reliable than my electronic calendar. I also staple birthday invitations or other invitations to the page of the week of the event so that I have the directions and details right there. When I leave for the event, I pull off the invitation and take it with me. This really helps keep me organized and I definitely need organization. With that said, I still forget things. I even showed up for an event in Dallas the day before the event. I had even hired a babysitter for the wrong night. It was not a pretty moment, but these things happen. Hang in there. You are an amazing person!


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