Friday, February 10, 2012

Fabulous Four

Tomorrow morning, my baby boy turns FOUR!  Four, really??  I can't believe it.  Four years ago at this time we were getting all packed up and preparing to head to the hospital for our induction. It was NOT the most restful of nights (I will never forget the woman down the hall SCREAMING and the nurse popping in to tell us that all was okay...the woman was just too late for an epidural!  Little did we know, 2 years later that would be us.  Ha!) 

It was such a time of anticipation!  We had a long road to get to that point, and we knew that the next day, come whatever may, we would be meeting our baby boy, Zachary and making our parents Grandparents!  It was quite the party too.  Parents, friends, relatives...all waiting for the arrival of this precious little boy.  There were moments when I wasn't sure I was going to get through it, but of course we did.  Isn't that how parenting often is?

Anyway, was definitely one of the best days of my life...the day I became a mommy.  It certainly isn't always easy but it is ALWAYS worth it. 

Here are four fabulous things about my first baby:
1) I am amazed at how much you are like your father.  Expressions, mannerisms, moods...sometimes I will just catch myself watching you and thinking how that's how your dad must have looked as a little boy.  And that makes me smile! :)
2) You are really good at numbers and memory.  Counting, memorzing about 95% of the NFL teams and their logos, things that we mention.  You are a little elephant!
3)  You love your little brother, and he loves you.  Although sometimes you fight like cats and dogs, you also show a true loving concern for him when he is hurt, needs help, or wants something.  I hope it always stays that way and you two remain the best of friends.
4) You are truly no longer a baby, but a little boy.  All of a sudden you love things like Power Rangers, Star Wars, Super Heroes!  Stuff I don't really get but as a boy momma...I will love it too because you do!

And one more just LOVE your mommy and daddy.  You still want me to hold and love on you.  When you want to grow up, you say you "want to be a daddy."  Sometimes it may be a super daddy or a football daddy...but always a something daddy!

We are so blessed that God chose us to be your parents and we pray every day that He will lead us in the right way to parent you.  You are such a precious gift, and we love you very much!

Happy 4th birthday, baby!!
Baby Z


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