Monday, December 5, 2011

A year

I haven't been weight watchering for a year....but I finally found a good picture for before and after.

The company Christmas Party.

I am still not at goal.  That side ticker has not changed very much in the last month.  Same 5lbs I am struggling with ( But old Lisa would have said, to heck with it, I give up!  I am just meant to be bigger.  And I have not done that yet.  And I will not.  Even if it takes me SIX months to lose these last few pounds, I will do it.  I do not want to go back.  On Thanksgiving morning, I got up and ran 4 miles.  Matt got up and trumped me with like 6 or something ;-)  A couple days later I ran my personal best of five miles.  FIVE MILES!  Who are these people??  I am changing!  Every day is still a struggle.  I could easily sit and eat a whole bowl of ice cream or queso (and on occasion still do so).  But the difference is I am not defined by that one bad day.  I can now shake it off and move forward.  Get back on plan.  Live this life differently.

I still do not LOVE exercise.  But here is what I DO love.  I can run after my boys (and they run.  A lot.)and not be winded.  That I could race them and probably win ;-) The fact that I can indulge some and it not be the end of the world.  That I am stronger!  To know that my body can physically do things I have never done before (like run FIVE miles!).  That is an empowering feeling. 

I posted a pic from our party this year on fb, and ya'll, was blown away by the comments.  In a good way.  I was truly touched by how many people commented, and really proud of myself for the work I have done for the last 7 months.  I think I could finally see what others have been seeing.  A transformation, as my mother has said!

And so I decided to look at a pic from last year's party.  I still see a pretty woman, but a self conscious one who was uncomfortable in her own skin.  Content with the status quo of her body and rationalizing that I was just made this way.  But this year, I see a stronger and more confident woman.  And that makes me smile.  My ww leader has been asking me for a picture for her success stories but I have hesitated because I want to be at goal when I make the book.  But I think I may have found my pictures.  What do you think? :)


Every day is still a part of the journey.  I would still like to lose more.  But in the end, I am happy and proud of what all I have accomplished so far.  I will never be a size 2-4-6...but I will be happy where I am.  And not hating the body I am trapped in.  Cause it's the only one we get and it is no one else's responsibility but my own to make sure to keep it ticking! :)

Anyway, not sure where I was going with all this and it is more of a post I should be writing at goal, but hey, I am happy today.  Thank you so much to my hubby, my family, and my friends who are supporting me on this road to a healthier Lisa!  I am appreciative of the time matt has given me to exercise, to my friends and family for cheering me on (and not judging when I do eat that bowl of queso!)!  And just thank you for reading along! 


  1. *standing ovation*

    WOW Lisa, you look incredible!! You have always been pretty, of course, but now you are really kicking the butt of that red dress!!

    Congratulations, I am so so so proud of you. :D

  2. I am so freakin' proud of you!!!! You are amazing and so inspiring. Congratulations! You really do look amazing, fantastic, strong, and confident. You are my hero!

  3. Showed you off to Chuck last night. We're so thoroughly impressed. I have to admit, while I'm totally impressed with your smokin' hot body, I'm more impressed with your perseverance, dedication, and strength. So glad you shared it with all of us!

  4. AMAZING! You just look stunning and what a wonderful accomplishment!


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