Sunday, December 4, 2011

Was blogging hopping today and came across one of those little posts about yourself on It's Almost Naptime and thought it sounded kinda here we go!

On my nightstand:
Along with a bunch of odds and ends, I always have a stack of books on nightstand begging to be read!
*My Bible
*My new ipad (I won it yesterday at my Christmas party!  And it will now serve as my ereader too...which is a WHOLE OTHER list of books waiting to be read!)
*A bunch of parenting type books
*Daily Devotionals for Moms
Movies I've seen:
We never go to the theatre, but we do rent movies on-demand.  Currently I am "watching" Captain America (not by choice, hubs rented it Friday night and fell asleep so he's finishing it.)
*Super 8- this was a pretty good flick actually.  About these kids who are making a movie and the secret they uncover.  I would give it a B+.  It would have gotten an A until the end...which was just silly.  Still a good flick though!
*Bridesmaids-we are very behind on movies, clearly, but I liked it, there were some definite funny parts!

*we have our set of 30 minute comedies we love...Modern Family, The Office, Big Bang Theory, The Middle, Up All Night, Parks & Rec, Last Man Standing, Two & a Half Men...They all make me chuckle and laugh out loud.  We DVR them and fit them in when we can.  They only end up being about 20 something minutes without the commercials!  :)  Lately I am really loving Parks & Rec (it is so darn funny) and The Middle (quirky and sweet family moments that make me smile.)
*I still try and watch Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy when I can.  But they are harder to find time for!
*And some dramas we both watch together:
-Glee (I LOVED this last episode, so many great songs!)
-The Walking Dead (Yes, its a zombie show.  I am NOT a zombie kinda girl, but this show is GREAT!)
-American Horror Story (this show is super weird.  but if you can get past the first 2-3 episodes of some really freaky/scary is kind of good.  In a weird/scary/horror kind of way!)

In My Ears:
Depends on where I am!
*In the car...I listen to my XM.  Wake Up with Taylor & Kenny in the morning (love them, I often catch myself laughing out loud while listening to them.) and Whatever with Jennifer Hutt in the afternoons.  or KSBJ for music .  Or Christmas carols.  I have a long commute...
*In the gym or out running...whatever good pop song is out.  Saturday I downloaded LMFAO's Party Rock and Sexy and I Know It, Britney's I Wanna Go, Maroon 5's Moves Like Jagger, and Rhianna's We Found Love.  It was fun to have some new tunes to jam out too and I ran 4.2 miles! :)
*At Home-We have been practicing Christmas songs for Z's Christmas program! And we sing a LOT of Twinkle Twinkle, ABCs, Itsy Bitsy Spider!

In My Kitchen:
*I cook about 2-3 times a week (and then we have leftovers) so I like trying out new things so we don't get bored.  Pinterest has been AWESOME for food.  No more sending links to myself and saving them in some email folder that never gets opened.  Great to have pictures of things.  I have been doing at least one crock pot meal a week and that has been nice.  Most recently made this Balsamic Chicken and it was delish.  Think I'll go find a good soup or chili to make tomorrow...supposed to be COLD! :)
*I will be doing some holiday baking.  It may not be ww friendly, but hey, it's Christmas!  Momma needs some cookies!

Looking Forward To:
*Dinner with a good friend this week.  It has been way too long since I have seen her and I look forward to catching up!
*Christmas Book Club at my house!  Always fun to have friends together.  We do this one on a Friday so no one is rushed, ornament exchange, wine, food, and good friends.  Can't beat that!
*Taking the week off before Christmas.  I am planning to take the boys to Dallas.  I MUST meet my cousin's beautiful baby girl before she gets too big!  Really excited to spend time with family and hopefully see some of my Dallas friends too!
*And of course...all the fun and magic of this Christmas season!

Enough about Me...what's new with you?

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