Sunday, October 16, 2011

trick or treat?

I think Halloween costume shopping is just as bad or worse than bathing suit shopping...definitely a TRICK and not a TREAT!

we went Friday night after dinner to get costumes while the boys were at Kids Night Out at church...figuring it would be the ONLY time we would have to go and look without the boys with us.

Oh.My.Goodness.  First off, I would day 85% of the costumes for women look like something someone dancing on a pole would wear...just sayin ;-)  Some of them are very cute still, like this one pirate outfit I tried on.  The top was good, but the skirt BARELY covered my tush!  And as a 30-something mother of two...I am just not comfortable enough to go with that look, no matter how good I looked! (kidding...)

Anyway, I ended up finding a roman dress and it looks nice enough for the halloween bash! We won't be winning any creativity awards but they will do. Anyone else feel like halloween costume shopping is a similar h.e.double hockeysticks experience as swimsuit shopping or is it just me??

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  1. It's terrible and the fabrics they use are so flimsy and cheap. I worry.


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