Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Diaper Box turned storage box

While perusing the bloggy world a couple weeks ago....I saw this.  Turning diaper boxes into cute storage boxes!  I have often used diaper boxes as storage, just never thought about cutesy-ing it up into something more permanent or using fabric.

Both boys decided to fall asleep today so I used that time to cover a diaper box!  (Great use of time, right?  All the cleaning was done already...)  I had some fat quarters that needed to be used to I went digging through that.  We have a little children's table cluttered with stuff on it in our living room and I thought it would be a great place for a cute box to keep all the boys crayons and paper in.

Enter your supplies: diaper box, fabric, mod podge, brush, and scissors.

I am not a precise/measuring type of I just went for it.  Mod Podge one side of your box.  
 Lay your fabric on top and stretch and smooth out any wrinkles. Cut slightly larger than your box so you have some excess fabric to fold into and under the box.
Repeat on all 4 sides.  I did my 2 long sides first, and then the short sides.  On the short sides, I "hemmed" the fabric so it would it would appear cleaner.  Then I took a strip and lined the inside top few inches...and mod podged that down too.

It was looking a little naked to me, so I decided to hot glue some ribbon around the outside, as well as to the bottom of the strip inside the box to cover up the edge of the fabric.

Pretty cute if I do say so myself, and much better than the stack of stuff on the desk before....

We will see how it holds up.  But for $0 and about 30 minutes of time...not too shabby! What a great scrap buster project too!  What do you think?

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