Tuesday, October 11, 2011


My little helper and I got busy during nap time on Monday.  I had seen this "game" out in the blogosphere before and always thought it was cute so Z and I decided to get a chain started!  It  is kinda like May flower baskets as my mom reminded me.  Basically, you drop and a little goodie bag off at your friend/neighbors, ring the bell...and RUN!  Then those people continue the game on! :)

I found my printable here for the cute window sign and poem.

Next Zach and I baked up some yummy slice and bake cookies and some candy corn bark!  Then we packaged it all up in a cute little container and bag!

Then we loaded up the car and headed out.  Z LOVED ringin the doorbells and running...Mark did not care for sitting in the car.  AND, it is hard to try to run away when you have to buckle a passenger back in their car seat! ;-)

Have you ever been BOO'd before or done the Booing?!?  It was neat little activity and I hope my friends have fun passing along the Booing to others too! :)

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