Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kids Night Out

Which really means...Parents Night Out...woohoo! :)

For the first time since Mark has been born (read:nearly two years), Matt and I went out on a date withOUT my parents watching the boys.  I know they love their grandsons, but I am sure they need a break too.  Our last date night was my birthday back in June and before then, I can't even remember....

So after making a concerted effort this summer to make going to church every Sunday a priority, the consistency paid off.  The boys happily walked into the nursery room, backpacks filled with jammies and pillow and blanket in tow...ready for their party at church! :)

Matt and I were almost giddy.  It was really weird to be out on a Saturday night!  We took the suggestion of some friends and tried out a sushi restaurant.  We wanted to go somewhere that we could not a) go with the boys or b) get take out from.  Toro was tasty, fresh, and we had a nice waiter too.  We will be back!  One nice thing about going out to eat at 6pm, is that it wasn't too busy and we were finished around 7:30...still 2 1/2 hours before we had to get the boys!  We headed to a little wine bar, The Cork Cafe and it did not disappoint either.  Cozy, romantic, and tasty wines.  We each tried a wine flight and a cheese plate.  YUM-O!  I definitely used all my ww points but it was totally worth it!

We headed to pick the boys up a little early as I was anxious to see how they did.  Sweetest sight ever...we walked in and peeked in before they saw us, the lights were out and all the kids were snuggled up on the floor together watching a movie in their jammies....
Z and M were curled up together = adorable.   They were happy and sleepy and got great reports, made a momma smile.  We were home before 10pm and the boys went right to bed, no fuss.

All in all, it was a great experience.  Matt and I got a much needed night out together, boys had was a win win for sure!  Feeling very thankful for a warm and friendly church who puts this on so parents can have a little time to reconnect.  We will be doing this again for sure!! :)


  1. Oh the thought of your two sweet boy snuggled makes my heart just smile, I hope my little boys are like that too!

    Happy date night :)

  2. Sounds wonderful! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

  3. How great is that! Happy you had a great night out with the love! I bet you are looking forward to the next one.


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