Saturday, January 22, 2011


Matt and I talk a lot about how funny our kid is.  I mean, he says some funny stuff....but I am sure ALL almost 3 years olds do that! :)  We constantly marvel about how at 18 months, we were worried about his speech development and now at not even 3 years, I think he speaks much better than some kids even older than he!  Thankful to answered prayers!!

My friend Mary posted tonight about some of her favs that her 3 yr old twins say and it reminded me that I have been wanting to do the without further ado...ZACHISMS.

*clause it! = Pause it (oh, what a different generation and the joy of the DVR!)
*today while driving in the car, "make-up makes you pretty mommy".  Why thank you, honey! ha!
*while getting dressed for bed after bath, "I don't want to wear these jammies, they make me slow.  I want my FAST jammies!"
*while playing in the backyard the other day, we like to point out the airplanes.  I asked Z where he thought the plane was going..."it is flying to space to get in a rocket because there are monsters and ghosts in those people's houses"
*"rock and roll, baby" not sure where he picked that up but it cracks me up every time!
* during bed time, matt says every night z asks, "tell me what you do today?"
*And one of my all time favs....when pointing out the obvious body part that he and his brother has and i do not...."is your's broken, mommy??"  hahaha!  gotta love the mind of an ALMOST 3 year old!

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  1. Luke tells Evie hers hasn't grown in yet. They are sooo funny!


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