Sunday, January 30, 2011

Knock Off Decor

Have you heard about the new blog Beckie over at Infarrantly Creative started?  It's called Knock Off Decor and it is a whole site dedicated to knocking off designer styles and making them on your own! Popular styles that are imitated are Pottery Barn, Ballard Designs, Anthropologie, and Land of Nod, just to name a few...  It is a really neat site shows that when you are flipping through those great catalogs and saying..."I could make that!" really can!!

Well I decided to submit my Daily Organization system that I made last week, and it was selected to be featured!  :)  Woohoo!  I was sooo excited when she emailed to let me know and I have been waiting for it to post before sharing!

So....without further ado, go check out KnockOff Decor and see my post featured!  Check back often too, there are lots of really great ideas out there!!


  1. Awesome!!! Your craftiness amazes me. . .I love so many of the projects you come up with and would replicate them but I'm just too darn lazy!!

  2. That's amazing!!! Way to go! And, I'm with Mary on the lazy front. I keep PB in business!

  3. Lisa...this is amazing. You do such a great job with crafts. I know if I sat down and focused on this I could do them too, but than I am not really good at putting things together in terms of decorating. Can't wait to see more designs and creations from you.


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