Tuesday, January 18, 2011

book recommendations??

Anyone read any really good books lately?  We are trying a new system this year in book club and wanting to get our selections lined up for the year.  We also are reading every other month now with a craft in between!  YAY!  Between all the mommas and the many small children, reading isn't something we get to do as often as we like so we decided to try out a new system.  I am hoping the extra time will have more of us finishing the books than we did in 2010, myself included!! :)

In January we read Saving CeeCee Honeycut.  I stayed up late last night finishing it and and really loved it!  It was very The Help-esque (which comes to the big screen in AUGUST!....Not sure if I am more excited about that or Zach excited about Cars 2!)  Overall just a really good book.  Definitely recommend it.

March's book will be a non-fiction book...The Girls from Ames: A Story of Women and a Forty-Year Friendship.  Susan gave this to me for my birthday and I was in the middle of reading it before starting CeeCee.  The women in the book have been friends since forever...some starting in Elementary, much like our group!  I had been enjoying reading it and seeing how their group was like ours!  I think this one will definitely have some good conversation too! :)

For those of you that don't know....here is a pic of me and my book club ladies for our 5th "anniversary".  For my 30th birthday back in 2008, I decided I wanted a photo shoot of our group!  What a great time we had!  We took pictures with the kiddos too....lots more babies since this last shoot and we added one more lady when she moved back home to Houston that summer!  Out of the now 11 women in our book club, 4 I have known since elementary school....(Kindergarten in fact), 2 from Jr High, 2 from High School, and the last 2 additions from college and soon after.  I am so blessed by these women and am often reminded of just how very lucky I am to have such a wonderful group of friends.  We meet once a month and I look forward to it so much!  (I am lucky to have several other very close girl friends, 1 from work for like 9 years, wow, and a few special ones in Dallas too, don't want to leave them out!!)  But anyway...I digress....just a little tidbit about my awesome book club! :)

So.....if you are still reading....any book recommendations?? :)


  1. I love the picture! I wish I could be closer so I could be a part of the fun! I miss you girls tremendously even though I haven't been a part of the Houston scene since I was 19 - seems like forever and yet I still wish I could be there with you guys. You guys already read the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, right? You all are always way ahead of me with the good books.


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