Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I've been Krogering

Anyone else out there a Kroger shopper?  I just learned today that you can link up your Kroger Plus card and upload up to 150 coupons on there.  No need for clipping and sorting, just select them online and they are automatically there for when you go shopping.  This is great for lazy couponers like myself who either a)forget to cut them out at all or b)cut them out and then forget about them!

Just thought I would pass along a little tip!

Did you also know that you can use your Kroger card at Shell gas stations and still get your $0.10 off?  Hubs told me that one about a month ago so now Shell has been getting more of my business when I don't have a Kroger's nearby!

Me and my two went Krogering yesterday...one in his fireman gear, the other with his curious George in tow...thank goodness for the giant Car Shopping Cart and $0.99 matchbox cars, they are great bribery for happy shopping! And don't forget to get your sticker! :)


  1. my very own mama was in charge of the kroger shell promotion! she thanks you for the free advertisment!!

  2. thanks for the info! I'm a lazy coupon person, so this will be perfect!


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