Tuesday, December 28, 2010

One of those moments....

Last night I had one of those moments with the Z Man....you know, one of the times where your heart all swells up and your throat gets all tight and perhaps even a little teary in the eyes!  You know I have a love of books of all kinds and have some childhood books specifically that I have such fond memories of.  Up until now, Z has been hard to sit through real books, more interested in pictures or finding things, etc, a typical 2 year old...but over the last couple weeks, we had noticed him being more into the "story".  So Sunday night we were sitting on the couch and I saw Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good very bad day poking out from the the shelf and asked him to bring it over to me to read to him.  He plopped into my lap and was just mesmerized all about Alexander's day and his brothers too.  After we finished, he asked for another so I pushed my luck for another big kid book and got Corduroy (one of my all time fav books...the little girl's name IS lisa after all! ha!) and read that one too.  He was so into it!  I figured it was just a fluke and just enjoyed the moment....

But then last night, he brought ME the same 2 books again and wanted to read "the bad day and the bear book again"!  Awwww!  Enter swelling heart and closed throat!  I love books so much and have been anxiously awaiting to when we would get into the stage when he could read more than Sandra Boyton and look and find books (although the Going to Bed book will ALWAYS be one of my favs).  At the end of Corduroy, he exclaims how he always wanted a friend and Lisa replies "me too" while they hug....and Z turns as says something like, "I want a hug now too Mommy just like lisa and the bear!" Oh how I love this little boy!  Matt was watching the whole thing and was chuckling at the end cause he could see me getting all mushy over there.  I may not have a little girl who wants to watch Princess movies and Sound of Music and other musicals with me....but I hope I can at least share with my sons my very great love of reading!!


  1. That's so great! I love those moments!

  2. AHHH. I know the feeling. My little man has no desire to read, but Pea loves to have us read to her. Jason and I love to read so makes us happy!!!


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