Wednesday, December 15, 2010

10 days til christmas

Really?  Wow!  Seriously, where has the month gone?  I had all these plans for being ahead of the curve so as not to be stressed, but that doesn't seem to be happening!  I think I am just about finished shopping but have not a single thing wrapped...I need to at least get a book wrapped for Zach's class party tomorrow and then for kids gift exchange on Saturday but it sure would be nice to have it all done too!

I did some shopping at Barnes & noble today and they have a good buy 2 get the 3rd one free promo going on right now.  I happened to be buying 2 toys and the nice checker told me I was eligible for a 3rd toy free "if i wanted".  Ummm, I am not really sure who would say no to that or why but it saved me a trip to TRU for another gift and for that I was thankful!  I really liked some of the toys there too, different than some you would find a tru or target.

So, next up....teacher/neighbor/tipping for Christmas.  I went with $15 to starbucks.  I had plans for making something but that just didn't happen.  I think $15 is acceptable, I sure hope it is cause that's what I got!  Next up is our nanny, who we do dearly love.  I saw last week on Today show that acceptable was a week's worth pay?  Wow, really?  That seems like a lot!  Or am I being cheap?  I have NO idea on that one and any words of advice would be appreciated.....  Who else do you buy gifts or tip?  Your mail and newspaper carrier?  Neighbors?  Friends?

Anyway, have a very busy weekend coming up.  We have our annual book club kids gift exchange on Saturday morning, the Bloch twins birthday party on Sunday, church, neighborhood Christmas festival, and oh yeah, I am on call AGAIN.  Fun and busy busy times!

How are your holidays coming along?  Are you finished shopping?  All those cookies baked? Presents wrapped? Card sent??

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  1. I have sooo much to do! A week's pay?! That seems high to me too!


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