Saturday, December 11, 2010


Not sure where I have been but life has been busy, guess that is just the holiday season!  Since thanksgiving, I have had PEO meeting, craft night, company Christmas party, and Christmas book club, WHEW!  I am tired! Adding in work, having to find a dress for said party and ornaments for said meetings....time has been scarce! the meantime, we started decorating for Christmas as soon as we got back from Thanksgiving.  It has been quite a Griswald-esque experience!  The prelit tree was not ALL prelit when it plugged in, the lights outside the house keep blowing out, countless things have broken but it all finally got finished and we are all enjoying the holiday decor.  We also have "Batman", our Elf on the Shelf, who is visiting us.  Yes, Zachary named him Batman.  I am not writing it down in the books in hopes that he gets a better name next year! :)  Batman does serve as good bribery though and it is funny to hear the commentary about him.  Tonight Mark was crying when he was getting dressed after his bath b/c he didn't want to get out.  Zach comes in and just hands him a toy, totally unprompted!  I told him how nice and what a good brother he which he replies that he  wants Batman to tell Santa what a good boy he has been being, HA!  Funny kid!

So 15 days till Christmas....I think I am almost done, what about you??

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