Monday, September 20, 2010

Stuffed Bell Peppers

Tried a new dish tonight, ground beef stuffed bell peppers! I remember my mom making something like this growing up and for whatever reason I did not like it. But lately, it has sounded SO good so I started googling for a good recipe! I found it here, and it was quite tasty!

I only made 4 medium peppers and even then, I had leftover stuffing so I made it into a loaf. Think we will be having meatloaf and mashed potatoes tomorrow night! It was quite tasty and fairly easy although a little time consuming. I did glance through the reviews (which everyone raved over) and some people had some tips for speeding it up which could work. I think I had too much rice and that is why I had so much leftover...not sure? And maybe would like some extra of the sauce to put on after it cooked. Anyhoo, it was still really tasty, Matt went for seconds so I take that as a sign that I could make it again!

The website I found the recipe on is called Simply Recipes. Neat story, its a "blog" full of family recipes! I think I will be perusing for some new things to try!!


  1. You are such a domestic wifey these days! Well done you!

  2. I love stuffed bell peppers - and I too remember not liking them as a kid!I don't know if you guys are cheese people (we are), I have a recipe for stuffed peppers that has a great cream cheese sauce on top. :) Yum!


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