Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Book Wreath

The project that reignited my love of crafts. Seriously, I have eyed this tutorial FOR.E.V.E.R. and finally decided to go for it!

Living with Lindsey was where I saw it originally and if you google book wreath, her's is the first one that comes up! I followed her tutorial exactly, including the trip to the $ store for my supplies. It basically cost $2...$1 for the book and $1 for the wreath, woohoo! It came out super cute and was a big hit at Kelly's shower, or at least they played nice as I proudly showed it off. It is hanging in our office right now but I am envisioning "framing" it (think big empty frame on the wall) and hanging the wreath in the middle of it in my guest room. It has been needing some personality in there for awhile.

So, here it is, my book wreath! Love it, thanks Lindsey! Now go make your own! :)
(Only one book was harmed in the making of this wreath, Dark Victory-Bette Davis biography. I like to think of it is "re-cycling"!)

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