Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Radio Talk

Was listening to the radio this morning, flipping channels and landed on the Gayle King show on and they were talking about a few things that I found very interesting....your 6 word memoir and the FRP (friend reduction program), ....Bear with me, I promise it was interesting, LOL.

I'm sure you all know who Gayle is, Oprah's bff. Well she was sitting on a plane next to a man and they were just chatting it away and he started talking about how at a certain point in his life, he realized he was over stressed, over scheduled, and not spending enough QT with the ones that matter the most. So he trimmed the fat, so to speak. His way was a little harsh I think as he actually told the people that he longer had time for them in his life, but I did have to relate a little to what he was talking about. As a dual-working family with 2 crazy little boys, I quickly came to realize that my time was not my own any more and sometimes, I just cannot do it all. One thing that I am very blessed about is that I have my book club, my "sisters" and I get to see them no matter what, once a month. This is such a relief to me, since some times you just cannot attend it all, that no matter what, I have a once a month "date" with them! Friendship is good for the woman's soul! And I have other friends, mostly out of town that I am blessed by the Internet and facebook and email to be able to keep in touch with. What did we do before? I guess people just lost touch that much easier? Once I did realize that saying No to a commitment was okay, life got a bit more simpler. I don't think I ever had to really do a FRP, I think some relationships naturally drifted apart as life moved on but I can see how some people would have to do it. Have you had to do a Friends Reduction Program at all as you have gotten older, relationships changed, added children into your life, where certain people or groups no longer fit into your life or lifestyle? I was really amazed by how many people called in and consciously did this.

The other lighter topic was what would your 6 word memoir be? Kinda like a haiku ;-) After a night with little sleep and a crying little ALMOST 11 month boy who just wanted to, ahem, PLAY when he should be sleeping....I decided my memoir is (at least for today) Someday I Will Sleep Eight Hours Again! Oooh lordie y'all, I never want to fast forward life and skip any of these stages, but I sure do look forward to the day when I get more uninterrupted sleep! What would your 6 word memoir be for today??

Other than that, I am just pondering all the crafts and projects I want to do. I am blown away by how creative some people are out in blogland and has me seriously wanting to hit up my local $ stores and thrift stores! Stay tuned, I will share with some of the projects as I create them. I started one yesterday that the boys got to participate in and I think it is going to turn out pretty cute! :)

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