Sunday, September 12, 2010

Feeling Crafty!

Not quite sure how it started, blog hopping I think....but I am on a craft kick! I think it began by me looking for ideas for a good Halloween party for the kiddos. Since Mark's birthday is smack in the middle of October, we decided to have a costume party for his first birthday!

Anyway, in the search for the perfect party ideas, I have come across all KINDS of creative ladies out there! There are so many great and inexpensive ideas out there. Of course I don't sew or knit so things of that nature are out, but anything that involves paint or a glue gun I think I can handle! :)

Friday night, totally un-Halloween related, I made a book wreath. I came across this tutorial awhile back and always wanted to make it and finally decided to do so. Only one minor glue gun burn and it turned out great! I proudly hung it in my study downstairs to show it off during Kelly's and it was a hit (or at least they played nice and said they liked it, lol). I will take a picture tomorrow so you can see my finished project.

Next up are a couple of Halloween projects...I am working on one tonight and prepped one for the boys to participate in tomorrow. I hope they turn out cute. Then there is this awesome ribbon wreath from Tater Tots & Jello that I have my supplies and I hope to create in the next couple weeks. So many great ideas out in blogland...stay tuned to see how mine turn out! ;-)

In family news, Markey started taking some steps this week!! I have seen him take about 5-6 at a time before falling so I think in the next month or so, he surely will be walking. Other than that, life as usual! Hope you all had a good weekend!

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  1. thanks for stoppin by! your boys are so cute!

    i have 2 boys myself, 2 yrs apart...some days are complete CHAOS! ;)

    have a great week!


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