Monday, September 13, 2010

Halloween Frames

Here is my first Halloween project! I love decorating my mantle for the different holidays...and one of my favorite parts about my "regular" mantle is having pictures on it but the frames don't quite fit in with Halloween theme! So I decided to make some that would! :)

I hit up Michael's with my Sunday coupon which was 20% entire regular price purchases and 50% off one regular item. I picked up some $1 unfinished wooden frames, some Halloween ribbon, and a package of Halloween themed scrapbook paper. I already had paint and modge podge at home.

And here we go!

First i picked out the paper I wanted to use and traced the frame shape onto the paper and cut them out. Disregard all the other stuff in the background....those black canvases and pumpkin are for other projects I am working on! ;-)

Then I painted the edges and inside of the frames black.

Next I glued the paper to the frames with Mod Podge.

Then with an exacto knife, I cut the inside of the frames out. This was a little more difficult than I thought it would be so I would welcome any suggestions on how to do this step more easily. Once the inside was out, I used a file to sand down the edges.
And then mod podged some more...

After letting them dry, I embellished with some Halloween bows and that was it!
What do you think?

I filled them up with pictures of the boys from the past Halloweens...I made them all vertical in the late night and when I went to put pictures in I realized I needed 2 landscape....
This one I think I can make work if I turn mr. pumpkin to face the right way.

This is my fav Halloween photo. I LOVE how Z is peering into the window waiting for the next candy giver to show up! He was so little still last year but caught on quickly to the whole trick or treating thing!

And baby Mark, only 2 weeks old and out at our church pumpkin patch/fall fair. I forget how tiny he once was! Time passes too quickly!!

And favorite frame (LOVE the giant bow...who says moms to boys cant still do girly sometimes??) but alas, no way to turn the ribbon without ripping the paper on the frame.

Anyone in need of a cute Halloween frame? Perhaps I could do my first give away! :)

I had fun making these and looking forward to trying it out with different holidays and themes!

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  1. Welcome to CraftOManiac Monday! I adore your frames! what fun paper, plus I love the added ribbon choice. I made a paper mod podged wood frame a long time ago for my sons room and I love it. I keep meaning to buy more of those. Super cute. Thanks for sharing, Jen

  2. I am disgusted by your creativity!

  3. these are adorable!! don't ya love modge podge!

  4. Really really cute! halloween is such a fun holiday to decorate for. Love it!


  5. Hi! Very cute frames. Tip: if you will trace around the outside and inside of the frame and then cut both before you mod podge, it will be much easier... Hope this helps.

  6. These are adorable! Love the paper you picked out!

    Kendra aka "Domestic Princess in Training"

  7. Those are really cute! I like the blue with the bats!

  8. Your frames are so cute! I love the colors and the paper is adorable! Thanks so much for the visit today! I used a 10" foam wreath from the Dollar store! Have a great night!


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