Saturday, July 10, 2010

Noah's Ark Pool

We had an awesome day today!! After what seems like WEEKS of rain, we had a bright blue and sun shiny day so mommy packed up the troops and headed to Noah's Ark! I had been wanting to check it out for awhile but knew it was probably something I couldn't handle on my own so thankfully all parties involved were up for the adventure! :)

We headed out a little later than I planned, but it didn't matter...we had a BLAST! Basically, there is one section that is just for the young kiddos. There is a big Noah's Ark in the middle of the pool with 3 slides on it, a crawl through, and water sprayers, plus another slide, mushroom, and climbie thingies. The "pool" is about 6 inches deep through most parts, perfect for young ones running amuck..or crawling everywhere!! There is also a giant regular pool with a shallow end, slides, diving boards, and basketball goal. We went back and forth a couple times and both boys did great. We ended up playing for almost 3 hours and probably could have stayed longer but I knew the boys were tired even if they didn't say so :-)

Both boys fell asleep on the way home of course but only Mark really ended up taking a good nap from it. They both went to bed very easily though, fingers crossed maybe they will grace us with sleeping a little bit late tomorrow! :)

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