Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Big happenings

We have definitely had a lot going on at our house as of late!

The most recent of course was the drama with the nanny. We let her go on Monday so that has been a big relief. Not a fun experience but had to do whats best for our family and calling in sick 7 days in a month was not going to cut it! Anyhoo....a friend referred us to someone else and she will start next week. Hoping this one will work!!

And on more exciting news....Z is pooping on the potty consistently! He has this thing, weird I know...but he would always need to poo around 6, and often go outside to play and that's when it happens. So Friday around 6, he wanted to go outside and I told him he either needed to put a pull up on to go outside and play or go sit on the potty. The boy does NOT like to wear pull up so potty it was...and sure enough, the #2 came! And ever since then, he has been pooping on the potty! GO Z!! He even pooped at our friend Kathi's house on Sunday. So impressed with my little man, pottying and not even 2.5 yet! :) Hopefully it continues!

And on the Mark front, the boy is all of the place and FINALLY getting a tooth. He was quite the little crank this weekend, but I felt a tooth on July 4th so am hoping that was the case. He was so fussy yesterday and up at 3am. That makes for a tired momma. Wondering if that's the only one right now or more to come? And he is still all over the place. I get a kick out of Zach calling for him to come....envision a little boy calling a puppy and that is Zach and Mark! Pretty cute!

Anyway, that is it for now! Hope you all had a great 4th. We had a fun time at the Tinkerbell party and then Sunday @ the Hallers!

Lets hope for a good rest of the week to come!

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