Saturday, July 3, 2010

Family Pizza Night

We have been enjoying the fact that Zach is really into movies these days. After a long week at work, I decided to try out dinner and a movie with the Z Man! Mark is clockwork...he goes down at 8pm so we had time with just the z. So we started the movie around 730, pizza showed up before 8, perfect! We ended up watching The Country Bears from Starz On demand. Was trying to find something G rated and that's what we ended up on. Zachary LOVED it! Good grief, I think its worse than Snow Doggies, but man, the kid LOVES talking animals!! It was so much fun, eating pizza as a family, watching a movie, singing and dancing. So cute! It was fun to not have to hustle bustle on the weekend for bed time and Z was happy to stay up and easy to go to bed too!

He woke up Saturday morning in the best of moods and ready guessed it, The Country Bears! HAHA!

We enjoyed a Saturday morning at Ella's Tinkerbell party, too. It was a smaller group but it was GREAT because the kids played so well together that us mommies got to actually TALK! I had left Mark at home to nap with Daddy so it was just me and the Z. Boys played on Jackson's new play set, kids decorated wings, and Ella & Z had stroller races around the house! Good times were had by all. Thanks Ashley for the fun morning and yummy food!

The boys and I had to miss the Crellers BBQ as Z was still napping at but Matt went ahead and enjoyed some time with our friends. Apparently I missed out on some good times on the slip and slide, I am sorry I had to miss it! :( Z finally woke up and you guessed it....we watched the Country Bears before heading to bed, HA!

Matt and I are watching Julia & Julie tonight, good to watch something besides talking animals! :)

Tomorrow we have a BBQ planned at the Hallers with the book club crew. Looking forward to more time with friends and the kiddos...good weekend so far!

Hope you are enjoying your 4th as well...happy birthday, America!

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  1. I think talking animlas would be better than Jules and Julia. That movie blew.


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