Sunday, July 25, 2010


Oh goodness, I am so behind on blogging! Life has just been busy these days I guess! Here is a quick rundown of what we have been up to as of late:

*fired nanny #1 after 8 sick days in June (and I only work a 4 day week...)
*hired nanny #2 (she is GREAT and we are loving having Maria with us, thanks Ashley!)
*Mark is crawling/cruising everywhere! Found him halfway up the stairs this week! Zach walked at 10 months, Mark turned 9 months on Monday...I think the end is near!
*Zach is just a ton of fun these days...and the imagination is in full gear. From tigers in the bathroom to hiding in tents, we spend a lot of time pretend playing now!
*Work is work....
*Took an impromptu trip to Dallas this weekend to visit my extended family. Grammy LOVED seeing the boys and we loved seeing Jan, Jeff, Sarah, Lec, Rikki, and the gramster! We did a lot of swimming and Z jumped off their diving board!

We head to the beach for our week long family vaca next Monday, I cannot wait! If only I can get though this work week first....

I will update with some pics soon too! Hope life is well in your world!

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