Monday, May 3, 2010

ch ch changes!

Hello bloggy world, so sorry for my absence! I swear, working and mommying and keeps me busy! I feel like we have been just go go go lately so by the time I am home from work, played, fed, and bathed boys...I am just too pooped to post!

Well hopefully that may change a little...the hectic part at least. We have found and hired a nanny and she is starting tomorrow! She is 28 and getting her master in Special Ed and we are excited about having her with us. She will probably only be with us for up to a year and half. Once she is finished with her degree she will get a teaching job. But in the mean time, she will be lovin on and watching the boys Tues-Fri! YAY! Getting the boys up at 6 am every day and not picking them up until 530 has been wearing on us all. We can tell a noticeable difference in them both on Saturdays to Mondays. They are not as whiny and fussy in the evenings and therefore life is a lot easier!! I am hoping it will make the evenings better for us all by allowing them to wake up when they want, etc. Zach will still go to day care 2x a week for some interaction and in the fall, he will be moving to a MDO program at a church. I am really happy about the change and am hoping and praying it has the desired effect we are wanting! :)

K's first day will be tomorrow...and as it goes with everything, things have to be a little crazy! I am leaving for Ft. Lauderdale for work at 530am and M and I are headed to the after hours clinic tonight. He has been off and on fussy this weekend (which is NOT like him) and spiked a fever this afternoon. I am thinking its an ear infection...and I did not want to leave daddy and nanny home with a sick little man! Hopefully that is all that it is and some antibiotics will make him start to feel better. And I am also wondering if this could be the cause of his middle of the night wake ups too?? PLEASE let that be the cause because I am tired of waking up at 2am every night! ;-)

Anyway, that is all that's new with us. I am going to try to be better on keeping updated! :)


  1. Yay for K! I know you're going to love having a nanny! Hope Mark is feeling better soon!

  2. Hey Lisa! I'm so excited for you guys! a nanny will be so amazing! Do you mind emailing me...when you have a chance I know you're busy....and telling me how you found her. We're putting our feelers out b/c we desperately need one starting in August for the twins....not wanting to do daycare b/c they were so premature. Thanks! And thanks so much for your prayers!!

  3. I cannot get over Mark's eyes in the picture at the top of your blog. His little spikey eyelashes and those big brown eyes. So precious!

  4. Congrats on the nanny! That will be so great for you guys and the kiddos. :)


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