Monday, April 19, 2010

Half a year

I truly CANNOT believe it...but my baby boy is already 6 months old. I know everyone says it, but where has the time gone?? He is just such a joy and I can't imagine our family without him now! :)

Today we went to the doc for Mark's 6 month check up. First good thing, not even all the way through the antibiotics and the ears are all cleared up, WHEW! Mark charmed the ladies in the office and Zachary kept me entertained while we waited. Everything seems to be right on track for Mark so we got the all clear! This past week he has been sitting up unassisted A LOT and rolling everywhere! Definitely have to be much more cautious on where I put the fella down cause he is not apt to stay there any more.

Here are Mark's 6month stats:
Height- 28" - 90%
Weight - 18 lbs 6.5oz - 60%
Head -
16.9 in" - 25%

compared to Zachary's:
Height- 28 1/2" - 95%
Weight - 18 lbs 12 oz - 60%
Head - 17 1/2" - 75%

WOW, I am totally shocked how close they are! I feel like Mark is just HUGE and do not remember Zachary being this big, but obviously he was! Maybe their frames are just shaped differently, who knows?? Very interesting though. I will be curious to see if the trend continues!

The shots must have worn poor Mark out though, he took a 4 hour nap and was a little fussy this evening. I still think teeth are on their way but havent found any yet...

So I guess that is about it for us for now! :) Here are some comparison pics. Everyone says the boys look just alike...what do you think?
Zachary (6months):
And the Mark Man (6months):

And the handsome older brother again:


  1. Yes, I think they look so much alike! Happy 6 month birthday!

  2. Wow, they really do look alike at that age! And so similar in weight/height! I guess you can tell they're brothers! :)

  3. They definitely look so much alike! I can't believe he is so old already! We really do need to catch up soon! Maybe we can meet at a park one afternoon after work or something?

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