Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Hope all the mommies, mommies to be, and mommies in waiting all had a good day today! We had a pretty nice and relaxing one and I am thankful for that. My dad is out of town so mom headed over early to come to church with us. Man, I want her to do that EVERY sunday!! Getting myself and the boys ready was much easier with her around and we actually were to church early not sliding into the parking spot at 10:59am!! :) It was nice to have her with us today too as we finally officially became members of CUMC! We have been visiting for over a year, but with small ones and all of life's other issues, it just took us awhile. They have some membership classes that they have you attend before hand and we always seemed to have conflicts, but the last month, we committed to it and completed them all. It was actually really nice and interesting so I am glad we did it. Anyhow, we are now members and also finally have Mark's baptism on the books for June 6th!

After church we headed back home and I had made a nice breakfast casserole, blueberry muffins, bought a BIG fruit filled watermelon and had matt cook us some bacon. It was quite a tasty and stress free meal. Chris and KA and their pup, Bailey, joined us as well. Zach entertained us with his different tricks and antics and Mark smiled and babbled and laughed at everyone so life was good ;-) Oh, and the Astros won too. So all and all a pretty good Mother's Day!

In other news...let's see? Mark is finally sleeping through the night in his own crib. Can I get a hallelujah?!?! Wow. We had him in our room up until about 3 weeks ago and he was sleeping pretty well. And then we moved him to his room and all went down hill. Well I am proud to say that the last 3 nights have been good and he has not woken up until the morning. Hopefully I did not just jinx myself! ;-) He is also sitting up, rolling EVERYWHERE, pushing up and scooting and I am afraid before long he may be mobile. Zachary started crawling right at 8 months. Mark will be 7 months in a week.....Oh my, here we go!!!!!

Zachary just amazes me all the time lately. I think its just the age but I LOVE watching their discovery! And he has a memory now and we can carry on real conversations, just so much fun!
On the way to church, we always drive by some horse stables and he points out the horses, etc. Well today it looked like the stables were having some sort of church service outside which I commented on. Zachary says "horses go to church?" LOL. Funny kid. My other fav was last week he was being a bit of a..."pill", shall we say? I told him "hey kid, you are not the boss, mommy is the boss!" Zach's reply, "no no mommy, I AM the boss!" Muuuwahahaha! As much as the snottiness of it was not appreciated, I could not help but laugh. And very much into the "WHY?" which can leads to some funny conversations too.

Anyway, that is what's new with us. The nanny will start full time this Tuesday and I am just SO excited about it that I can feel some of the stress sliding away already. And in about 2 more weeks, it will be time for our TENTH annual beach trip! Wahoo!! :)

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  1. Sounds like everything is wonderful! Looking forward to the beach!


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