Thursday, May 13, 2010


Tonight is wine club book club. Although nothing has personally happened to me this week, I am still so very saddened by what the Barkers are going through this week. The funeral will be tonight. My prayers are with them....

I am so thankful for some of my "sisters" who I will be with tonight. I am truly blessed to have such a close knit and dependable group of women in my life. There are a couple of other "sisters" out there who aren't in book club and I am just as thankful for them too (Kerri, Ginny...just had to let them know that!!) :) But I am thankful for this once a month respite that I am given to be with JUST women and talk, rejoice, bi*ch vent, cry, share, pray, and drink wine with...and of course discuss the book we read this month! I am also thankful for the husbands who watch our children so we can have this rare time off and/or parents who are also often stepping in to help out (like my momma tonight!). Anyway, it is a great break from the day to day to just be with my sisters and be girls!!

This month we read The Middle Place by Kelly Corrigan. Wow, what an amazing book. Here style of writing is just like talking with an old friend. So easy to read and totally relatable to this 30something momma. the story is Kelly's memoir of her and her father's diagnosis/treatment of cancer and everything that goes along with it. it is also just her story of marriage, children,! So good and so many times where I was bookmarking and note taking. I am really looking forward to discussing it tonight. If you haven't read it, you totally should. I zipped through it in about a week because I really wanted to read it.

Anyway, I am just glad this week is almost over. The nanny seems to be going well too and I am thankful for that too. More details on all that another time!

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  1. Getting caught up... I am so sorry for your friend's family, and I will send some prayers. As a parent, that pain would be unimaginable. :(

    I am soooo jealous that Mark is STTN now! Of course he's got 6 months on my guys, but still, that is a day I long for like no other. Enjoy it for me!


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