Thursday, May 20, 2010

Its "potty time"!

That's right...I think I am about to embark on the next adventure in parenthood....Potty Training! I am off Friday through Monday so think it could be a good weekend to dedicate to no more diapers! Man, that would be SO nice. I cannot imagine! Going to stop at Target on my way home and stock up on undies and got a few books to read up on tonight, and then tomorrow COULD be the big day. Z goes #1 at school a lot but sometimes only when asked. And anytime we ask him at home, he goes...So just a matter of him learning to tell us. We were at a friend's house this past weekend and I noticed he was a bit antsy and asked him if he needed to potty...and he went there at their house in their potty so I thought that was maybe a good sign! We shall see how it goes. I guess if it doesn't catch on this weekend, we will try again in a month or two!

Any tips or tricks that worked for your kiddos??


  1. No advice but good luck! I started the 3 day potty training that Andrea recommended with Livi yesterday (even though we are having sitter tonight, oops) and so far so good, she stayed dry through her nap, but not all night, hoping she catches on soon!

  2. I bribed my kids. I promised a big present from Target if Luke would poop in the potty. For a year and a half after he had been fully potty-trained, he still expected a big present every time he pooped in the potty. It worked, but there were some lasting consequences. Good Luck!

  3. We just made a huge deal about it everytime her went. I would yell across the house to tell daddy that Cooper went to the potty. Then we would all high five...then we would dance around the bathroom singing...WE R PROUD OF YOU, Yes, we are proud of you. Usually Cooper was dancing naked around the room, but that added to teh excitement. In addition, we added stickers to a chart when he used the bathroom. No other reward...just got some stickers that he loved and he would pick one out and put it on the chart after he washed his hands. We hung the chart on the back of the bathroom door.

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