Friday, April 16, 2010


Two random things I had to pass on....

On my way to work this morning, i was listening to some XM country station and the DJs started talking about "car staches" in, a mustache for your car. My imagination immediately went to Chick Hicks from the movie Cars. (clearly I live with a 2 year old boy....)

When I finally had some down time to google it...sure enough, there is such a thing that you can purchase....that will look like this....

WOW. Dont you want that on your car??? Who does this?!?! Prob the same people that hang balls from their truck tow(which I find totally gross) and dice on the rearview mirror

The second is equally as strange to me. I get random emails from Payless about shoe sales....and on the cover of today's email was this lovely pair of shoes... Seriously? I think I had these in the 5th grade. Holy 80s!! Am I this out of the loop or are people actually wearing this stuff??


  1. OHGosh...this post cracked me up.

  2. Hate, hate, hate car nuts. Chuck thinks it is hilarious that I despise them so much, but I can't help myself. I find it ridiculously grotesque.


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