Thursday, April 8, 2010

Babies, babies, babies

Just a little shout of Congrats to my friends Shannon (bailey) and Christine (nick and alex) who both delivered babies this week!

Mommies and babies are all doing well and just so stinkin I crazy for saying it makes me want another already!?!?! Ha, don't worry, it ain't happening but nothing is sweeter than seeing those little newborn babies....

On my own "baby" boys are doing well. After last week's tough transition back into full time daycare, I am happy to report that this week has gone better. It is still hectic, but at least it has not been tear-filled so far. Mark is the doll of the newborn room. Everyone just loves him in there and are marveled by how easy he is to make laugh and smile. I tell you, he is just a little lover! We finally moved him out of the bassinett but he is still in our room ( in the pack n play). I know I need to move him, but with working and not consistent sleeping yet, I just havent done it yet.

And Zachary is doing really well too. (And randomly...I dont think I ever posted too much about it, but he gave up the paci cold turkey about 2 months, so proud!) I swear you would never know that he was a little late to talk these days too cause he just jibber jaws all the time now! Car rides are especially fun with the "what's that?" and repeating and pointing out "Macs". He also LOVES "Finding Nemo" and of course "Cars" and pretty soon I may have both of them memorized.

The nanny hunt still continues. We have 2 more to meet this week. Praying we have found someone by beginning of May because I have to go out of town for work overnight and it would definitely be easier on Matt. Fingers crossed!!

Anyway, hope you are all doing well out in this big world! I need to get better about blogging again...but with working full time, it aint easy! :)

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