Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The ears have it...

Got a call from daycare at 10:30am that little M had a fever and we needed to come and get him. Great timing, thankfully it was a slow day in the Southeast and I had almost all of my nominations in already for the 1130 deadline. Of course as soon as I got there, he was all smiles, even with feeling bad. He was definitely warm but I was thinking perhaps it was tooth related since he has been gnawing like CRAZY lately! We went to our 2pm doc appointment, and what do you know, EAR INFECTION! Ugh. It is minor, and only in one ear, and I am praying we are not headed down the Zachary train with the never ending ear infections! Doc also said a gastrointestinal "thing" has been going around so we decided to be safe and keep M home tomorrow. Fun times. Thankfully he doesnt seem TOO bothered, just a little fussy and sleepy. We shall see how he is feeling tomorrow!

Oh, and on a side note...even though his 6month check up will be on Monday...Mark weighs 18lbs! Doc said he would be our little line backer and definitely looked more like 9 months than 6 months....


  1. Oh I hope you don't have to go through what you went through with Z. Hope M is feeling better today.


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