Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Hunger Games

My love and enthusiasm was reignited this past weekend.  From lunch time Friday Monday afternoon, every free moment I was reading the Hunger Games trilogy!  The Hunger Games was selected for our February Book Club book.  I had heard a lot about it but based on the description and that it was in the Young Adult genre....I wasn't sure if it would be something I would like!  I was thinking it would be a series like Twilight, totally different subject matter, just meaning so hyped up and one I never got into.  But boy was I wrong.

I devoured the first one.  The characters are so well written.  Every chapter ends on a cliff hanger making you want to know more.  And then, the book just ends.  I don't know how people just read the first book and not finish the series.

And each book is just as good as the next. I cried when I finished the last one.  Partly because of the story but also because I was sad it was over!  It has been a long time since I have read like that.

Best thing about it?  I remember how much I absolutely love to read.  I used to be such a voracious reader, but once kids came along, I just read less and less.  And then things like sleep, Pinterest, Facebook, tv take over too...and the time to read becomes less and less.  But honestly, I didn't miss them all that much :) 

So now onto the challenge of finding some more books that will keep me going.  I have several on my Nook library that I have downloaded on not read yet so I may start there.  I really enjoyed a series though so am pondering starting The Harry Potter series.  I have never read any of them or seen the movies so maybe that would be a good place to start?  Any suggestions are appreciated!

If you have NOT read The Hunger Games yet...go read it now.  If you have...what did you think?  Did you love it too?


  1. Def read Harry Potter, it's a great series! They start out kind of 'young' but quickly grow in intensity and maturity!

  2. My kids are reading the Hunger Games and there's a movie coming out too. I am waiting till the 1st when I'm eligible for a free bok again through the Kindle Lending Library then I'm getting it. My daughter is reading it right now, she's a senior in HS and says it's fabulous. I read the book Eragon, which was FAR superior to the movie. The movie was a terribly watered down joke and an insult to the story! There are several books in the series. The novels are enormous, but I went through Eragon pretty quickly, less than a week I think. Captivating! I started the second book and couldn't get past the second chapter :-/ Not sure why. The Harry Potter series, we have it, but I haven't read it. Saw most of the movies though and loved them. After getting my Kindle Fire I've rediscovered reading, such a joy!

  3. I know what you mean about reading. LOVE IT! But with kids and all the other outside items sort of takes a back burner. But I am also picky in what I read. It is hard for me to read something that does not have the Lord involved, but occasionally will hear about a book that is a must, such as The Help.

    Funny because I finished reading a Joel Rosenberg, 2nd book of a series and Jason was like, wow, thankfully your addiction isn't drugs or beer! I was done so fast but just LOVE to read!

    I also have not nor will not get a nook or e-reader till I am forced to. Something about holding a book and the smell of a book for me. Not to mention I have to be on a computer all day - can't fathom reading a book on one of those. But I know people love them. Maybe one day. Till than love seeing your reviews and that I have another friend that is as much as a lover of books as me.

  4. Harry Potter is great, especially if you haven't seen the movies! Just remember that it is a set of books that matures with each one, so the first one may seem pretty basic. Chuck and I love the HP series, along with millions of others. Very good.


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