Tuesday, April 17, 2012

On Being a Boy Only Mom

It has been quite interesting in talking with people after finding out we have having baby boy #3.  My friend Sunny wrote a post a week or two ago about her similar experience in finding they are having boy #4.  Some people are genuinely SAD for us when I tell them that we are having another boy.  It's an odd thing to react to and their response usually goes something like this:

"Oh Gosh, I am so sorry.  You must be so disappointed, I am sure you really wanted a girl"
Gee, what do you say that?  I usually just say something to the extent that of course it would have been to have a shopping partner and someone to watch musicals with...BUT we wanted a third child, not just a girl, so we are happy!  I had a very sweet lady at church really chat to me how she won't try for a 3rd because she's too worried about having another boy. 

How much honesty do you really share with people?  Was I upset?  Sure, for a few minutes.  But then I was over it.  I told my husband from the very beginning I knew this baby was a boy.  My heart sank a little knowing I would never be shopping for a prom dress or planning a wedding, but how could I not be happy to have another one of these little critters in my clan?  (we do make really cute boys after all) I know that God has plans for these boys that are beyond my wildest dreams and I am beyond blessed to be entrusted with the job of being their mother. 

Boys are wild creatures, I will definitely attest to that.  But along with that wildness comes a fierce loving too.  My boys may be wild, LOUD, rough and tumble, and make lots of potty talk...(I was happy to see while teaching the 4yr olds in Sunday School this past week....they are ALL LIKE THAT), but I wouldn't have it any other way. 

My husband's golf foursome is now complete...and so is my my heart! Boy Moms Rock! :)


  1. Lisa, you come out to Seattle, we'll go shopping together, and pick out prom dresses for each other to try on. ;) And in the meantime, we will remain the one and only Queens of our respective Castles, to be loved and adored by the men (big and small) of our court.

  2. I think it is FANTASTIC! Yay for boys. They are a ton of dirty, sticky fun!

  3. It makes you pretty special. Not many people have three boys! You will also have simplicity when it comes to toys and clothes handing down. The boy, girl, boy thing makes for a cluttered, but joyful, home.

  4. just found your blog! i'm the mother of two boys (henry is 5 and ezra is 16 months), and i can't stand when people say things about us trying for a girl. we're currently TTC #3, but because i'm still nursing, i'm having issues. i was able to easily conceive both my boys, so this whole not-getting-pregnant-immediately thing is new to me. but i am so grateful for what it's taught me: it doesn't matter what the gender, getting pregnant and staying pregnant is a miracle and a gift, regardless of the sex of the baby.

  5. That happened to us, too, and it drove me crazy!! But I wouldn't change it for anything and I know you feel the same way. You are a great mama, and all THREE of those boys are lucky to have you! And there is something really fun about being the Queen of the Castle! :)


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