Friday, April 13, 2012

It's my 1 year anniversary of running!

Last night as I was walking/jogging through the came to me, it is almost exactly a year to the day that I decided to lose weight and learn how to run.  I started the C25K in secret, almost planning to fail, because that's what I had always done before with exercise and diet.  But this time, it stuck.

I was frustrated with myself as I was struggling a bit and feeling self conscious and slow.  I guess I had thought by now I'd be running 10ks and more and not struggling but getting preggo and the last 4 months of intermittent exercise has taken a toll on my endurance (as I am sure the growing belly has too).  Now that I am finally feeling better and ready to be exercising again, I guess I expected to just be back up to normal.  But then I thought to myself,

"ya know what self...last year at this time, you couldn't even do what you are doing today...and now you are 5 months pregnant!" 
And I had to smile a little!  I would love to say I got pregnant and kept up with all my healthy habits, but let's be real ...the insane hunger and tiredness and sweet tooth make it very easy to slip into some bad habits and grab an extra portion or cookie (or ice cream or cupcake!  Doh!) . But I am still doing better than I was probably doing last year at this time.  I am slowly getting back into an exercise routine.  While it won't be too intense, my biggest fear is totally losing the habit and desire of doing it all together.  I don't always love heading out that door to go....but I ALWAYS love the feeling of being finished with my exercise and the sense of accomplishment that comes along with it.

So anyway, here is to being:  forgiving, patient, reasonable and the next 4 months of getting back into the groove and rocking the jog/walk!  It is never to late to get in shape...and no matter what this pregnant chick looks like exercising or how slow I am going...I am always going faster than everybody sitting on the couch! :-)

(Somewhat related...I think I need to go into business for maternity active wear.  THERE ARE FEW TO NO good choices out there!  I found a full panel pair of pants that I like from Old Navy, but who wants to wear pants outside in this Texas HEAT?  If anyone knows of a good place to find stuff, let me know.  Momma needs some exercise shorts or capris!)

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