Wednesday, November 9, 2011


It is not even Thanksgiving yet and I already feel myself getting stressed over Christmas.  Anyone else feel like that?  The stores have been carrying Christmas stuff since before Halloween....the catalogs are coming in the mail...and I am sure Christmas music will be playing soon!

I am starting a list of things I would like to have completed before Thanksgiving.  Have you started working on your lists yet?

  • Order Christmas Cards
  • Address and Mail cards
  • Inventory Gift Wrapping Supplies
  • Schedule Outside Lights to be hung
  • Order all photo gifts (calendars, brag books...good stuff for the grandmas!)
  • Make and Post a December calendar for entire family to see!
  • Start making Christmas lists and watching sales
Anything I am leaving off that you like to tackle early?  How do you stay sane during the holidays and keep your focus on the reason for the season?

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  1. I LOVE Christmas!!!! Bring. It. On.

    I read a devotional during the season to keep me focused on what is really important.

    Very impressed with your organization!


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