Sunday, November 13, 2011

christmas shopping started!

I have started looking for presents for the boys and have a couple things in mind so far but am really trying to think purposefully about the toys I buy this year.  We have so much at times it seems, yet they tend to play with the same things all the, trains, trucks, vehicles!  :)

Have you bought any Plan Toys before?  I was looking at the City Garage.  It has good reviews and the boys love things to play with their cars on.  It is a little pricey, but it could be Mark's big gift and I feel pretty confident it would get played with a lot.

And for Zach...he has been really interested in playing on my computer lately which I would really rather him not ;-)  So been thinking about one of the educational handhelds.  Leap Pad, V-Tech or Mobigo?  Or something else?  Would love to hear your thoughts or suggestions on that! :)

Have you started your shopping yet?  Any good finds or sales yet?


  1. i have that city garage i think...some of the pieces fell apart so easily!! there is a taller garage that we likes better, was made of plastic and all the kids loved it. -roxy

  2. We have a plastic garage that Drew loves, no clue about the wood one. The twins got Fisher Price ixls for their birthday and LOVE them, it uses a stylus vs a touch screen but the OT in me likes the fine motor component of that lol. Have heard great things about the leapster as well!

  3. Already started shopping! I love this season!


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