Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I have ALWAYS been a reader. I love to read.  I love getting lost in books, staying up way too late past my bedtime because I can't put a book down.  But this last year...my reading has struggled.  I am not sure if it is finding something I connect with or the simply the time, but I miss reading.  And one of my "new year resolutions" is going to be start reading again.  Which coincides great with forming our 2012 Book Club list! 

It is getting close to that time when we figure out our books for the year.  We need some killer ones that will get us reading, thinking, and discussing more!  And that is where I come to you, dear readers!  Anyone have some great books they have read recently that they would like to share?  We read all different genres so definitely open to anything!

Here are a couple that I know I want to read:
Loving the Little Years- recommended to me by several good friends :)
The Night Circus- read an expert in a magazine while at the hairdresser....the reviews are ALL awesome!
Two Kisses for Maddie- followed Matt's blog from the beginning, would like to hear the rest of the story.
A Vintage Affair- Another one that has just been on my list and great reviews!
Have you read any must-read books lately?

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  1. The Help, a quick read and a definite page turner!


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