Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Countdown to....Christmas??

Oh yes, we are only 4 days past Halloween and now Christmas has EXPLODED everywhere already! Our big shopping centers in town have been sporting the Christmas lights and giant bows and wreaths since like the first of October, but now all the stores are in full out holiday display too! Yesterday when I pulled into the driveway the guys who hung our outdoor Christmas lights last year were making their way around the neighborhood to set up appointments for this year! I personally still want to enjoy the fall some so day after Halloween I pulled everything down and busted out my fall stuff. I love me some more pumpkins and leaves and gourds and TURKEYS of course! I do have a couple of fall projects I want to complete so I better get on it so I can actually enjoy them before it is time to take them down. Seems the boys keep getting to bed later and later and mommy is more and more tired! yawwwwn......not enough time for crafting!!

But anyway, I am still on my quest to have a less stressful and less expensive Christmas. Been trying to shop the sales and use my coupons. I have a couple of gifts for the boys already, something for my mom in the works in my head. Really should make myself a calendar to have completion dates and see if that would help. I actually read a holiday checklist on my RealSimple email this week and thinking maybe I should print it out and try to keep up! So far I am not TOO behind but I think times are going to start going by fast, especially since we have plans I think every weekend until Christmas! :-0

Has anyone else gotten a head start on Christmas and any tips or advice to achieve that all coveted less stressful more enjoyable Christmas?? :)


  1. I'm with you - I love Christmas, but I wish November could get its love too! I have my fall stuff out, but I have friends who are already putting their trees up!! I've started shopping already. I'm restraining myself from buying any Christmas decor, as I'm sure I have enough. But I've already started gift shopping. Got 3 for Caleb already, but that was because I am being picky and trying to maximize every coupon and sale I can! :) For me, spreading out the gifts over Nov & Dec, instead of just Dec (we have something every weekend too!), it makes me much less stressed. This is the first year we get to not travel and have Christmas at home and I'm determined for it to be less stressful! For me, its all about planning, so that I'm not trying to do 10 million things on the 24th of December. I want to be able to sit down, watch Miracle on 34th Street and enjoy the time with family. Good luck!

  2. I've already purchased a shipment of presents from Toys R Us! They should be here this week. I'm trying to bargain shop and cut down on the number of presents/toys the kids get. There are so many presents that they lose their magical effect. I've decided to get the kids three presents each year including a set of pajamas for Christmas Eve. Then they get Santa's toys and stocking stuffers, but only three gifts from Mom & Dad.


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