Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Beach Bash X!

We had another great weekend at our 10th annual beach trip for memorial weekend! Hard to think we have been doing this since the first summer after we graduated college! Way to make me feel OLD! We have had some people come and go, but for the most part, we have the same group we did back then! So awesome! Our camera is broken so I am hoping someone got a few good pic of the weekend. We did have an interesting experience with the power....Saturday night when we were out to dinner at a local restaurant, the power went out on the whole island...for several hours! Thankfully there was a breeze which kept outside cool and we made sure to keep the doors closed to keep in all the a/c air inside!

The boys stayed with my parents, and besides Zachary having a hard time going to bed/nap, they were great. I have decided they need to start spending at least one night a month over there now to get used to sleeping there in case of other vacation plans ahead! They didn't say no so I guess that is a good sign.

We are still working on pottying with Z Man. #1...awesome! #2....is well, poopy! I cannot seem to get him on the toilet for it which makes for some very yucky undies. We are persevering and hoping that part clicks soon!

Mark's baptism is this weekend and we are looking forward to sharing this special day with friends and family!

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