Sunday, February 28, 2010


I know, I know..I have been slacking. It was a long week in our household for many reasons and I am praying this week goes better than the last!

We did go to the doctor on Monday for Zach's 2 year and Mark's 4 month appointments. Both boys are healthy and doing well for the most part! Zach for the first time ever was not fond of the doctor. It was kinda weird! Mark was a champ and even handled the shots pretty well!

Zach is almost 28lbs (50%), 35" (75%) and still a big head at 75-90%!

Mark on the other hand, here are his stats at 4months:
Weight- 15lbs 9.7oz -75%
Height- 26 1/4in -90%
Head- 41.3cm- 25%

Compared to Zachary at 4mo:
Weight- 16lbs 4oz- 75%
Height- 25 5/8in - 75%
Head- 17 1/8in- 80%

So they are about the same, just Mark is a little longer and has a much smaller head! LOL! All and all though, a good visit and thankful everyone is healthy!

We also talked about giving up the paci soon. Zach really only uses it for naps/bed/upset but we know the longer we wait, the harder it will be. We haven't bought new binkies in FOREVER and even though we have 3 in the house, he will only use his red one. Well, it got left at school on Friday...and I am happy to say he survived all weekend!! He did ask for it a few times but never got upset without it and still wouldn't take the other ones, so I think we may be finished with the binkies! Woohoo!

Matt and I enjoyed a dinner out on Saturday with our friends/neighbors Kerri and Michael and it was very nice to have an evening out. And today we spent the afternoon with the Rays celebrating Evan's dedication. Good times! Thankful for the nice weather to enjoy it!

Anyway, that's about it for now. I will try to do better about posting! :)


  1. Enjoyed spending the awesome afternoon with you!! Looking forward to more warm spring weather! :-)

  2. It's always hard to find time for all the extra stuff like posting on blogs when you have two kids!


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