Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I Am Alive...

Yes, friends, I am still here. Going on week 3 back to work. Crazy how you just get back into the routine of things I guess. It is definitely challenging. One good thing about Matt still looking for a job though is that I am able to just get up and out of the house in the morning and leave while everyone still comfortably snoozing away. I have been getting to work at 7 and leaving at 4, woot woot! It makes such a difference!

The tough thing about is that once I get home from my long day and commute, Matt just wants to get OUT of the house! So we are still trying to find our groove with the whole evening procedures but it is getting better. One thing for sure, I do not miss having to wake my poor Z up early in the morning. He does so much better with just waking up on his own. We will definitely be looking into a nanny once Matt is back working.

What's new in the boys' world? Well Z is just a typical 2 year old! He has new words and phrases all the time and generally just cracks us up. He has his moments of course as they all do, but all and all, he is just a sweet toot. When he is good, he is very very good...and when he is bad, he's terrible ;-) He is also eating up a storm these days but just as lanky as ever. Growth spurt perhaps? I am anxious to get his height prediction thingie at his 2 year appointment next week!

And Mark...well he is simply a joy. Seriously, just such an easy going loving little dude. He is always smiling at strangers at church, the mall, the grocery, the bounce house, where ever! He went to daycare twice last week while Matt had things to do, and he was the hit of the nursery room! Minus the spitting up. LOL, guess we should have warned him about that. I tell ya, the kid spits up.ALL.THE.TIME! We do a lot of laundry around here. I tease him that I don't know how he is such a little chubs when it seems so much of his milk winds up on me, him, or burp clothes!! I am anxious for his 4 month appointment next week too and to compare to Z! How FUN! Sleeping is going okay. I was telling Allison last week that I thought we were making some progress and been having some good 6-8 hour nights (even if they started at 7-8pm)..and then the last 2 nights have been like back to newborn nights! AH! Need to get consistent again with bedtime procedures and see if that helps. He is still in the bassinet in our room, although that wont be lasting for too much longer because his head and feet are about to hit the edge. Time for the pack n play...or maybe upstairs?? We shall see how he does over the next couple of weeks!

I think that's about all for now. Ready for some nice spring weather. Sunday was gorgeous and we played outside all day. Want some more of that!! :)


  1. Sounds like the transition back to work is going well. I love being able to just leave the kids in bed and head out, but that doesn't happen often even with the au pair living with us because I still have to get Luke up and out the door.

    Can't wait to hear the numbers on the two boys' check ups.

  2. Oh! And I LOVE the cowboys jerseys!

  3. You have such darling, good boys. Not surprising, though, knowing their mama! I'm not sure I'll be as lucky. ;)


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