Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ready for Spring

We enjoyed a good weekend with good weather!! What a nice change! We spent a LOT of time outside either in the backyard, on a walk or at the park. I cannot tell you enough how much we love where we live. The neighborhood park is literally right behind our house so it is really nice to just hop in the stroller to go play instead of packing up the whole car.

Although we still do pack up the car to go to the "big" parks too. Saturday we drove over to Meyer Park to feed the ducks, enjoy the 3 different playgrounds, and the soccer grounds. We brought our own ball and Z spent half the time on the fields with daddy! he is really good at kicking and seriously can follow through with kicking the ball down the field and into the net! He does like to pick the ball up too, but man, I think he is going to enjoy it in a year or so when he can play soccer. Grandma stopped over on her way home from work and got to enjoy lots of Zach and Mark smiles and giggles!!

We also have a new normal in our house in the mornings...Z had mastered door opening long ago but thankfully his door had a weird stick and he had trouble opening it. But starting on Friday, he figured it out and we woke up to a smiley little face in our face in the morning!! Only good thing is he now wakes up happy instead of grumpy so I guess I will take the morning visitor over crying in the room!

Not much else going on. The boys have the check ups tomorrow (Z's 2 year and M's 4 month so that should be interesting trying them both!) Wish me luck!

Hope you all enjoyed the weekend and the slightly warmer weather...supposedly we could have SNOW on Tuesday. We shall see! Enjoy your week!


  1. Around here soccer leagues start at 18 months, crazy!! The twinnies are my alarm clock every morning, I love that they just come climb ib bed with me. So jealous of your warm weather, it got up to 42 here today and felt downright balmy!

  2. Ready for warm weather too! When Zach joins soccer, Samantha can be his cheerleader. :-)

  3. I am so excited for Bean to be old enough to join a sports team. Kiddos on the field are so cute and hilarious! I'm sure it will get old by the time I have three boys involved, but for now... super fun. :)

    Good luck at the appointments!

  4. That soccer stuff is hilarious, but I didn't realize how much of a time commitment it is. We basically can't travel on the weekends (hard on us getting to H-town) during the season.


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