Monday, June 11, 2012

Slow down

I swear I blink and another week or three has gone by again! I better get ready for baby boy because t this rate, I'm going to just wake up and he will be here!

So, here we go for an update again: It's been a long week. My dad was admitted to the hospital this past Wednesday for breathing trouble and he is still there. He still has fluid in his lungs, from the pneumonia?, we aren't sure...but they keep trying and it's not clearing up. While there, they have discovered he has heart disease and will need a bypass surgery. But can't do that until lungs clear. Doing a lung scope tomorrow morning and will hopefully finally figure out what is going on there so we can move forward. Once they are ready for surgery, he will be transferred to the medical center for bypass surgery. Any prayers are definitely appreciated!

As for the boys, it's summer here and it is HOT! They will start swim lessons at our neighborhood pool within the week so exited for that. We have been visiting the pool a lot already. Mark is a no fear fish so I am excited to see how he will catch on again. Zach just needs confidence. He can do more than he thinks he can...and panics.  Hopefully can overcome that!

We moved up in classes at church 2 weeks ago. Zachary loves all his friends and his teachers but not change so muh so I was curious how he would worries, he didn't even mind his new room since all his pals were in there! Mark still has cried every time for the last year when I dropped him in the nursery so I was very worried how he would transition into an actual classroom. First week, cried 5 minutes, this Sunday...not at ALL! He say she loved his new big boy class and was happy to see his friends! Hopefully this means he may do okay in MDO at our church this year too.

Baby news: had a dr appt today at 29 weeks and 4 days. Measuring perfect and I passed my gestational diabetes with flying colors and no anemia. Yay! Had to take the boys with me as they rescheduled me last week. It was a little stressful but they were pretty good. Still no name for this boy but probably narrowed down at least. Most days I think I'm okay...but other moments, I'm a little nervous about how we will all adjust. And the fact that we will have no life for probably the next 2 years. Will be very thankful for Kids Night Out at church every month!!

Oh, and I turned 34 last friend Kerri and I took the kids to the beach that Monday and had a blast. Only wish we could have stayed the night and done it again the next day! On my actual birthday, I went to the dermatologist for a mole check. Ended up having 2 removed and should find out this week the results on those. I'm sure it's nothing but I will be relieved to hear back nonetheless. Matt made me a nice steak dinner that night and I got a new lens for our camera so all in all, a good day!

Whew, I have got to update more often, too much to write at one time otherwise! :)

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