Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Over the river and through the hills....

To grandmother's house we go! Well not really grandmother's house, more like Aunt & Uncle's house, but going to SEE her!

Matt is going on a guys trip to Louisiana so I decided I would head up to Dallas so Grammy could meet the Mark man. She has been asking about him since he was born. I took the day off so me and the boys and Esther-dog will head out some time on Friday that hopefully will coincide with some nap time! Crazy you say? Driving 4 hours with a 2 year old, 4 month old...and the dog! I agree, but I really want to see my fam so I am going to do it. My Aunt & Uncle are even flying in from NJ for the weekend too.

My biggest worry is if I have to potty....that's a lot of people to unload just to go to the el bano! I guess you do what you gotta do! My second biggest worry is sleeping. We will be staying in my cousins old room which is HUGE, but the thought of the 3 of us, plus the dog, all in one room should be interesting. I think I will be tired and not getting much sleep. Mark can sleep anywhere, Z man on the other hand....we shall see. We will be trying out the cot he got for Christmas, hope it works!! oh yeah, and the copious amount of STUFF I am going to have to pack in order to survive the weekend......Going to have one full car!

But worries aside, I am really looking forward to spending time with the family, and on Sunday we are going to Day Out With Thomas where we get to ride the train and a million other things! I think Zachary is going to LOVE it!

So that's the plan for my extended weekend. Any tips for travelling with small children and what are your plans for the weekend??


  1. Have fun! The twinnies and I have done 3 hour car trips to Toledo since they were 6 years old, just time it to coincide with naps, have lots of snacks or books/dvds for Z and a bottle/paci handy for M. As far as the peeing thing I just tend to go right before we leave and hope for the best, limiting fluids on the trip helps too lol!


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