Monday, September 24, 2012


Yep, we have survived 3 weeks so far as a family of 5! There have been some hairy moments...but all in all, baby Luke has fit in just like he has always been here!

We have been blessed by meals during the week from friends and that has been wonderful. Except for the desserts that almost all have brought with their meals. Making it difficult to be good with cookies always around!

The boys are doing well at their new school. They are attending preschool/MDO where we go to church and seem to be enjoying their new teachers and friends. I've been learning about carpool line! ;-)

Zach has started playing soccer too, our first foray into an activity! We've had 2 practices and 1 game so far. Zach is so focused and is definitely a little athlete! He scored the 1st goal of the game and one more later. Go Z!

Other than that, we took some pics of baby boy that are turning out cute...and dragging Luke around wherever we go. Life of child #3!

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