Monday, May 21, 2012

Catching Up

I have been so bad at posting as of late so here are some pics of what we have been up to lately:

We went to our church Missions Gala the last weekend if April.  It was a lot of fun getting dressed up, even if in a maternity dress ;-)  We came home the proud owners of a front row parking spot at church!  Figured it would be a good investment for the first year of #3's life.

The next weekend we went to PawPaw and Manda's house in Austin.  They had some brand new chicks there, two of which the boys got to name.  Zach named his April and Mark named his...Markey.  :)

The boys still LOVE to take baths....along with their million toys....

They are very much close in age brothers...they wrestle and squabble...but sometimes there are wonderful moments of love too.

And the summer heat is already upon us....and so is the outside water fun!

I can't believe May is already almost over, which means it is just 3 short months away until baby brother is born.  We moved Mark into Zach's room about a month ago and it has been great!  He is in a toddler bed and the transition went WAY smoother than I anticipated!  They actually "moved in" together the night of the Gala and I didn't think Mark would go for it...but he loves sleeping in there with Zach.  They actually go to bed a lot easier, with less interruptions out of both of them after being put to bed.  And Zach is waking up far less in the middle of the night too, unless it is potty related.  If we could get him to stop waking up wet in the middle of the night we I would be much more well rested! :)  

Speaking of pottying too, little bro has ZERO interest in getting out of diapers.  Today he was running around the backyard naked and I got him to pee in the bushes a couple of times.  But as soon as we went inside, he asked to put on a diaper which he immediately peed in.  Scared of the potty?  I am not sure.  But I surely want him out of diapers this summer before baby comes.

And yes, he is still nameless. Nothing has stuck yet.  Thankfully we still have some time! 

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